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  • Berlin, Germany
    Comelio GmbH
    Fon: +49.30.8145622.00
    Fax: +49.30.8145622.10

  • Frankfurt, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
    Fon: +49.69.1732068.30
    Fax: +49.69.1732068.39

  • Düsseldorf, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
    Fon: +49.211.6355642.00
    Fax: +49.211.6355642.09

  • Hamburg, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
    Fon: +49.40.209349960
    Fax: +49.40.209349969

  • Hannover, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
    Fon: +49.511.165975060
    Fax: +49.511.165975069

  • Stuttgart, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
    Fon: +49.711.460512750
    Fax: +49.711.460512759

  • München, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
    Fon: +49.711.460512750
    Fax: +49.711.460512759

  • Miami, USA
    Comelio, Inc. (Regus)
    Fon: +1.305.395.7962
    Fax: +1.305.395.7964

  • Kolkata, India
    Comelio Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Fon: +9133.4601.4451

Technologies and Products

Products and Systems

  • MS SQL Server with Reporting Services, Integration Services and Analysis Services, plus data mining and in combination with MS Office Sharepoint Server or MS PerformancePoint server
  • MS Office Sharepoint Server
  • MS Project Server
  • MS BizTalk Server
  • MS Windows Server and MS Exchange Server, MS Office Communication Server

Tools and Techniques

  • Modeling: UML (Unified Modeling Language), OWL (Web Ontology Language), RDF (Resource Description Framework), RDF Schema, XML Schema, relational and object-orientated modeling
  • Data: MS SQL Server with XML-Integration (eXtensible Markup Language) and semantic technologies or Geo Data
  • Integration: MS BizTalk Server, XML and Web Services (SOA), semantic connectors and data mapper
  • Logic: .NET, T-SQL, XML technologies, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Presentation: MS Windows Forms and Web Services with .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation

Process Techniques

  • Specification analysis and specification management, consulting, project management
  • Planning, architecture conception and analysis/consulting
  • Software development, system integration and installation
  • Server support and software maintenance
  • Documentation and training