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  • Berlin, Germany
    Comelio GmbH
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  • Frankfurt, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
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    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
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  • Hamburg, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
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  • Hannover, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
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    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
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  • München, Germany
    Comelio GmbH (Ecos Office)
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  • Miami, USA
    Comelio, Inc. (Regus)
    Fon: +1.305.395.7962
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  • Kolkata, India
    Comelio Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Fon: +9133.4601.4451

Business Divisions

Comelio Business Intelligence

Comelio DivisionsComelio offers its clients (medium-sized companies or organizations) BI solutions on the basis of MS SQL Server and additional server products such as MS Office Sharepoint Server, MS Office Forms Server or MS Performance Point Server. The projects cover the fields of classic reporting systems and customized expert systems as well as data warehouse applications for OLAP, reporting and data mining.

In addition to regular relational data structures, Comelio also offers expertise in the fields of semantic data/ontology or XML and Geo Data. Areas of application include the analysis of commercial data, customer/employee questionnaires, plus technical verification, research and production processes. With the help of .NET software development, Comelio provides customized enhancements for user interfaces, algorithms for data analysis and data integration in all software layers.

Comelio Business Solutions

Comelio DivisionsSince it was founded, Comelio has offered classic commercial software that used to be individually programmed for the company and according to its processes. Today, the commercial software is developed using Microsoft technologies such as MS CRM, MS Project Server, MS Office Sharepoint Server, MS BizTalk Server and of course MS SQL Server.

Furthermore, for solutions with a high level of requirements, specialized applications can be developed and database-supported needs on the MS SQL Server as a data layer, plus XML and web services for file sharing, service-orientated architectures (SOA) and .NET as a software technology can be applied. The solutions include software for project management and planning, process software, customer relation management, knowledge portals, customized accounting systems or data interfaces.

Comelio Systems

Comelio DivisionsComelio can provide, install and integrate Microsoft hardware and server products. This tops off the Comelio's offerings in the development of IT solutions for the business intelligence and business solutions branches. Services in this division form the technical basis for service-based solutions fulfilling access and data security, plus speed and high availability requirements. Clients receive complete solutions including hardware, server technology and the software itself and this covers the installation as well as additional development and ongoing support.

Comelio Technology Consulting

Comelio DivisionsIn its conception of IT solutions, Comelio makes use of a wide range of server and software technologies. Thanks to Comelio's regular research and development projects, co-operation with research institutes and close partnerships with Microsoft, the OMG (Object Management Group) and additional manufacturers, clients can benefit from a wide range of combinations. Software projects involving rules engines, semantic modeling and knowledge-based strategies can particularly benefit from these unique approaches. During the preparation and introduction plus the planning and conception stages, Comelio consultants support clients in the development, evaluation and the entire design of ideas, requirements and solutions.

Comelio Training

Comelio DivisionsEvery year Comelio holds almost 600 different seminars on more than 1000 different dates for organizations and clients from industry in German-speaking countries.

Since 2000, the curriculum has been extended to cover more and more topics in the field of information technology (programming, database/server technologies and related topics in the field of data management).

From 2008 soft skills seminars were also included in the range offered. In 2007, Comelio became a Microsoft Learning Solutions Partner, offering clients official MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) seminars.

Further partnerships exist with Sun for Java technologies and Oracle. In addition to the fixed dates, individualized seminars held at the client's own offices can also be booked. The seminar leaders are often engaged as project consultants, hold various certifications from manufacturers or educational/training qualifications and publish their knowledge in books and magazine articles.

Comelio Media

Comelio DivisionsSince 2007 Comelio's own publishing house, has published several books per year on the subjects of software development, databases/data management and business intelligence. The authors are as a rule seminar leaders from Comelio's seminar division or are involved in either software or server projects or in the field of research and development. In addition to books, Comelio Media also publishes a comprehensive technology blog, in which various members of the team offer an insight into their tools and approaches. Further novel formats such as quick reference cards and posters, which are also available electronically, top off the portfolio's offerings. Since the founding of the publishing house, Comelio's products have reached a readership of more than 10,000.