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MS SharePoint Server


Comelio MS SharePointMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 helps your organization get more done by providing a platform for sharing information and working together in teams, communities, and people-driven processes. Office SharePoint Server is an important part of the overall Microsoft collaboration vision and integrates with other collaborative products to offer a comprehensive infrastructure for working with others.

  • Empower Teams Through Collaborative Workspaces
    Microsoft delivers a best-of-breed collaborative infrastructure that gives end users the tools to easily create their own workspaces and share assets across teams, departments, and organizations while maintaining IT control.
  • Connect Organizations Through Portals
    Microsoft will help bring the full insight and data of the organization to the right people at the right time by making it easier to connect people with line-of-business data, experts, and business processes across the organization.
  • Enable Communities with Social Computing Tools
    Microsoft gives organizations the tools to deliver a broad set of social computing capabilities within their existing workspace and portal infrastructure, so end users can more easily harness the collective intelligence of the organization.
  • Reduce Cost and Complexity for IT by Using an Integrated Infrastructure, Existing Investments, and an Extensible Architectural Platform
    The Microsoft collaboration infrastructure leverages existing investments, is extensible, and interoperates with other systems, so organizations can maintain a lower cost of ownership and more easily meet business demands by building a single infrastructure.

Enterprise Content Management

Comelio MS SharePointOver the last several years, organizations have created a huge volume of unstructured content that includes documents, e-mail messages, videos, instant messages, Web pages, and more. This content often exists in a state of unmanaged chaos that prevents an organization from properly using these valuable assets for better knowledge sharing, improved customer communications, and increased process efficiency. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) from Microsoft is a key component of an organization's infrastructure that can help companies overcome these challenges. 

Built on a well-integrated platform, ECM from Microsoft easily extends content management to every information worker in an organization through integration with familiar tools such as the Microsoft Office system. A Microsoft ECM solution can help businesses:

  • Manage diverse content
    The document management capabilities in the Microsoft integrated ECM solution can help organizations consolidate diverse content from multiple file shares and personal drives into a centrally managed repository that has consistent categorization.
  • Satisfy compliance and legal requirements
    The Microsoft ECM solution also includes integrated records management capabilities that give organizations the capability to store and protect business records in their final state.
  • Efficiently manage multiple Web sites
    Integrated Web content management capabilities enable people to publish Web content with an easy-to-use content authoring tool and a built-in approval process.
  • Streamline business processes
    The Microsoft ECM solution enables businesses to streamline content-driven, collaborative business processes by providing the tools and platform to automate tasks. The Microsoft ECM solution provides capabilities to manage the entire life cycle of unstructured content, from creation to expiration, on a single unified platform. These capabilities include:
    • Document management
    • Records management
    • Web content management
    • Forms solutions


Comelio MS SharePointPortal sites connect your people to business-critical information, expertise, and applications. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a world-class enterprise portal platform that makes it easy to build and maintain portal sites for every aspect of your business. Connect Your People to Information and Expertise

  • Quick, easy access to critical information and expertise means better decisions and more rigorous execution.
  • Connect Your People to Key Business Applications
  • Consolidated access to existing business applications drives consistent performance of common business tasks. Streamlined development of new composite applications can lead to order of magnitude improvements in important business processes.
  • Connect Your People to Role-Specific Resources
  • Personalized information delivery increases the relevance and value of information.

Business Process and Forms

Comelio MS SharePointMicrosoftOffice SharePoint Server 2007 provides built-in workflow templates to automate approval, review, and archiving processes. With Office SharePoint Server 2007, you can also create, maintain, and analyze custom workflows, enabling you to streamline your collaborative processes. Electronic forms provided through InfoPath Forms Services are an integral part of such workflows. These electronic forms designed in InfoPath make it easy to collect and validate information that drives your business processes. And you can collect and validate this information right from the Microsoft Office client applications you use every day.

  • Browser-Based Forms with InfoPath Forms Services
    InfoPath Forms Services, which is part of Office SharePoint Server 2007, extends your reach to organizations that do not use Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 by allowing you to fill out forms in a common browser or even an HTML-enabled mobile device.
  • Integrated Workflow and Document Information Panel from Within Microsoft Office Client Applications
    With Office SharePoint Server 2007, you can initiate and interact with workflows right from within your Microsoft Office application. You can also collect and validate important document metadata via the document information panel.
  • Custom Workflow Design with Office SharePoint Designer 2007
    Office SharePoint Designer 2007 makes it easy to add business logic to sophisticated no-code composite applications with the rules-based Workflow Designer.

Enterprise Search

Comelio MS SharePointMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is the Microsoft enterprise search solution for organizations that want to increase productivity and reduce information overload by providing their employees, partners, and customers the ability to find relevant content in a wide range of repositories and formats. With actionable search results that respect security permissions, Office SharePoint Server 2007 lets users go beyond documents and across repositories to unlock information, find people, and locate expertise in the enterprise.

  • Built for the enterprise
    In Office SharePoint Server 2007, search results are delivered quickly and relevance is tuned for enterprise and line-of-business data.
  • Unlock data and expertise
    Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides out-of-the-box search for common enterprise repositories and file types as well as for people and experts.
  • Integrated user experience
    Enterprise search functionality is integrated with the collaboration, portals, content management, forms and Business Intelligence features of SharePoint Server 2007 and can be integrated with other 2007 Office system products to help users easily find, use, and share information and increase productivity.

Business Intelligence

Comelio MS SharePointBusiness Intelligence with Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides an infrastructure that makes it easy for decision-makers to access information anytime, anywhere. People can get up-to-date information where they work, collaborate, and make decisions, whether it's on the desktop or over the Web.

  • Microsoft Office Excel-Based Business Intelligence
    Excel Services, part of Office SharePoint Server 2007, extends the capabilities of Microsoft Office Excel 2007 by allowing broad sharing of spreadsheets, improved manageability and security, and the ability to reuse spreadsheet models by using a scalable server-based calculation service and interactive Web-based user interface.
  • Dashboards and Report Center
    Create interactive Business Intelligence dashboards that assemble and display business information from disparate sources by using built-in Web parts. These Web parts include dynamic key performance indicators, Office Excel 2007 spreadsheets, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services reports, and a collection of business data connectivity Web parts that can visualize information residing in back-end line-of-business applications.
  • Access and Discover Business Data
    Seamlessly connect external data into your applications by using the Business Data Catalog (BDC) to create a foundation for Business Intelligence search. Part of Office SharePoint Server 2007, the BDC simplifies the process of discovering and accessing data residing within back-end line-of-business applications.