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Data Mining


MS SQL Server - Data Mining - MS Excel 2007 Comelio Data MiningInform decisions with intuitive and comprehensive predictive insight available to all users.


Rich and Innovative Algorithms

Benefit from many rich and innovative data mining algorithms, most developed by Microsoft Research to support common business problems promptly and accurately.


  • Market Basket Analysis - Discover which items tend to be bought together to create recommendations on-the-fly and to determine how product placement can directly contribute to your bottom line
  • Churn Analysis - Anticipate customers who may be considering cancelling their service and identify benefits that will keep them from leaving
  • Market Analysis - Define market segments by automatically grouping similar customers together. Use these segments to seek profitable customers
  • Forecasting - Predict sales and inventory amounts and learn how they are interrelated to foresee bottlenecks and improve performance
  • Data Exploration - Analyze profitability across customers, or compare customers who prefer different brands of the same product to discover new opportunities
  • Unsupervised Learning - Identify previously unknown relationships between various elements of your business to better inform your decisions
  • Web Site Analysis - Understand how people use your Web site and group similar usage patterns to offer a better experience
  • Campaign Analysis - Spend marketing dollars more effectively by targeting the customers most likely to respond to a promotion
  • Information Quality - Identify and handle anomalies during data entry or data loading to improve the quality of information
  • Text Analysis - Analyze feedback to find common themes and trends that concern your customers or employees, informing decisions with unstructured input

Comprehensive Development Environment

Generate actionable insights to inform decisions promptly and accurately with Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).

  • Build sophisticated models and interactive visualizations with the Data Mining Wizard and the Data Mining Designer
  • Use lift and profit charts and cross-validation to compare and contrast the quality of models visually and statistically for accuracy, before deploying them
  • Benefit from increased flexibility that enables users to build multiple, diverse, data mining models over filtered data

Pervasive Delivery Through Microsoft Office

Extend the benefits of predictive analysis to all users with the Data Mining Add-ins for Office 2007.

  • Empower users to harness advanced data mining technology within the familiar spreadsheet environment, enabling seamless transition between discovery and exploration and hiding complexity behind intuitive tasks with the Table Analysis Tools for Excel
  • Gain more information, validation, and control with the Data Mining Client for Excel, delivering a full data mining development life cycle for advanced users
  • Render annotatable graphical views of your discoveries with the Data Mining Templates for Visio
  • Create a comprehensive, intuitive, and collaborative business ecosystem that infuses prediction into business decisions, and delivers insight to users throughout the organization

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Leverage the full power of SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services.

  • Enhance your predictive solution with enterprise-class server advantages such as rapid development, high availability, superior performance and scalability, robust security features, and enhanced manageability through SQL Server Management Studio


MS SQL Server - Data Mining - Shopping Basket AnalysisComelio Data MiningIntegrate prediction into every step of the data life cycle to discover hidden insights.


In-Flight Mining During Data Integration

  • Use predictive analysis with SQL Server 2008 Integration Services to flag anomalous data, classify business entities, predict missing values and perform text mining in data flows, based on the prediction and insight of the data mining algorithms

Insightful Analysis

  • Include data-mining results as dimensions in OLAP cubes to deliver a richer experience, slicing data by the hidden patterns within
  • Add prediction functions to calculations and key performance indicators (KPIs), infusing foresight into your analyses

Native Reporting Integration

  • Build reports with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services by using data mining queries as the data source
  • Query against the data mining structure to present complete information beyond the limitations of the mining model requirements, delivering prediction effectively

Predictive KPIs

  • Benefit from the integration between SQL Server Analysis Services and Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
  • Combine predictive and retrospective KPIs to forecast future performance against targets and anticipate potential challenges
  • Discover and monitor trends in key influencers to expose sustained effects


Comelio Data MiningExtend prediction and enhance your data mining functionality to create intelligent applications.


Predictive Programming

  • Build data mining aware applications with familiar tools and a rich development platform that includes XMLA, Data Mining Extensions (DMX), ADOMD.NET and OLEDB and AMO

Custom Algorithms and Visualizations

  • Expand the SQL Server data mining toolset through managed stored procedures, PMML, plug-in algorithms and visualizations to solve uncommon needs